Importance of Kelowna First Aid for Healthy Residents

Because of the fact that Kelowna has the lowest obesity rate in comparison to other cities and areas in Canada, many residents think that they no longer need to take first aid classes for emergencies that can be caused by medical problems such as Diabetes. What they do not realize is that being healthy is not a guarantee that they will no longer suffer from emergency situations which can cause permanent disability and death when left untreated. This is why residents should still take Kelowna first aid classes. Here are some of the emergencies that Kelowna locals can still experience.

Car Crash

Injuries Caused by Car Crash

Injuries Caused by Car Crash

Even though a car crash can be caused by a multitude of factors including the competency of the driver and the condition of the road, car crash rates are still higher in certain parts and cities in Canada. According to the Business Information Warehouse statistics that was released on May 2014, Kelowna held nine out of the ten spots for the top ten areas with the most number of crashes that has happened in the Southern Interior intersections. These circumstances included crashes in which parked vehicles are involved. This means that car accidents are quite common in Kelowna even for cars that are not currently in use.

Medical Emergencies

Despite being healthy, residents can still suffer from several health conditions which may require first aid management sooner or later. Some of these medical conditions include Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Being underweight can also be a problem since it can cause several health complications such as anemia, osteoporosis and low immune health. Low immunity can make residents more vulnerable to colds and other infections while anemia and osteoporosis can make them prone to falls and bone problems.

Kelowna First Aid Training

Undergoing Kelowna first aid training will equip residents with the knowledge that they need to help locals who have suffered from a car crash. Through these classes, they will learn how to properly transport these patients to a safer location and treat wounds which afflicted individuals may have incurred due to the accident. They will also know how to handle patients which may have suffered from a head trauma or a bone fracture due to the accident. By knowing this vital piece of information, they will also learn how to manage patients who have osteoporosis since these patients are at high risk for developing bone problems such as breakage and trauma. They will also learn how to manage patients who are suffering from fevers and chills due to their low immunity.


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