How to remedy tonsillitis

The tonsils can help prevent infections in the body by filtering out bacteria and other microorganisms that enter via the nose and mouth. Always bear in mind that tonsillitis develops once a bacterial or viral infection becomes too strong for the immune system to fight off, thus resulting to inflammation and pain. The remedies for tonsillitis are focused on eliminating the infection as well as reducing the symptoms.


Antibiotics are commonly used to manage tonsillitis caused by bacteria. The doctor usually prescribes antibiotic therapy in the form of medications taken by mouth or via injections.

The use of antibiotics properly or prescribed not helps clear up the infection, but also minimizes the risk for infecting other individuals. Always bear in mind that the infection is not considered communicable after about 24 hours of treatment. The indications of tonsillitis typically improve within 2-3 days after the treatment is started with the infection managed after completing the therapy. Nevertheless, a severe infection oftentimes requires more than a single course of antibiotics.


The individual should take a break by getting enough sleep during the infection.

Adequate fluids

It is vital to provide the individual with plenty of fluids to drink. Remember that this not only keeps the throat moist but also prevents the development of dehydration that occurs due to the high fever.


The individual should take a break by getting enough sleep during the infection. This helps encourage the natural healing process of the body by strengthening the immune system. Allowing the voice to rest also helps provide comfort from the sore throat or sore jaw that often occurs along with tonsillitis.

Beverages and foods

Provide the individual with warm, calming non-caffeinated liquids such as broth, soup or tea with lemon or honey. These beverages can help soothe the irritated throat.

As for the suitable foods to eat, provide the individual with bland, warm foods as well as cold treats such as ice pops that can comfort and soothe a sore throat.

Saltwater gargle

The individual can gargle on warm salt water solution. All you have to do is prepare the solution using a teaspoon of table salt added to 8 ounces of warm water. After gargling, the individual should spit it out. This solution provides relief to a sore irritated throat.


If an individual has a sore throat, it can be remedied using lozenges that the individual can suck on. The preferred lozenges to use are those that contain benzocaine or other similar ingredients.


You can utilize a cool-mist humidifier that works by moistening the air by eliminating the dry air as well as helping relieve the sore throat. The individual can sit in a steamy bathroom for several minutes to help eliminate the dry air as well.

Pain medications

The over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen work by reducing the fever and pain linked with tonsillitis. Remember not to provide aspirin to children and adolescents since aspirin can cause a serious condition known as Reye’s syndrome if given to children below 18 years old.


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