How to manage an upset stomach with a bland diet

Bland foods might not be scrumptious but they are recommended for an upset stomach. These foods will enable the healing of the stomach and intestines. An upset stomach is frequently referred to as gastroenteritis. Take note that the condition is quite prevalent and has various causes that range from viruses as well as consumption of contaminated food and even taking certain medications. The symptoms include nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Diarrhea can also occur during an upset stomach. In case the upset stomach does not resolve after 3-4 days, it is best to seek medical care.

What is the initial diet?

If the individual is vomiting, avoid eating any food until the vomiting has passed. Instruct the individual not to eat until he/she has stopped vomiting for 6 hours. You can provide ice chips to suck on to moisten the lips and hydrate the body. Hard candy and popsicles can also help curb the appetite and provide fluids to the body. Take note that vomiting will cause severe dehydration. You have to be prepared to prevent dehydration by enrolling in a first aid class to learn the measures to perform.

Introduction of bland foods

It is best to start by taking small sips of fluids such as water, apple juice, flat ginger ale or bouillon. Slowly add foods that can be easily digested after the first day. Always stick with bananas, rice, applesauce or toast. Take note that these foods are considered as binding foods that will help harden the stool.

Upset stomach

The symptoms include nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Diarrhea can also occur during an upset stomach.

Bananas are rich in potassium which are usually lost if the individual has diarrhea or vomiting. It is important to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates since they are easier for the stomach to digest instead of fat and protein.

Addition of solid foods

Once the individual starts to feel better usually on the second or third day, additional bland foods can be added to the diet. You can include boneless chicken or even broiled meats. Baked potatoes and hard-boiled eggs are also recommended.

Spices, excessive amount of salt and seasoning should not be added. Dairy products such as milk, creamy soups and yogurt should also be avoided since they can cause the symptoms to recur. You can slowly add more foods into the diet such as vegetables and fruits. Just remember that eating bland foods for an extended period will lead to malnourishment. In case the symptoms return at any time, the individual should restart the diet from the start.

When to seek medical care

An upset stomach can indicate a complicated health issue. Once diarrhea is green in color or has bloody, tarry stools, it is best to consult a doctor. Always remember that the symptoms should not last more than three days. If there is fever of 101 degrees of lasts longer than three days, it can indicate a serious health issue.


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