First Aid for Underweight Patients: Heart Disease and Diabetes

According to the numbers that was released by Statistics Canada for 2013, Kelowna has the lowest rate for obesity in the entire country in comparison to other areas and cities. This is why there are a lot of residents who believe that they are not at risk for certain diseases that are normally associated with being obese, specifically heart diseases and Diabetes. Hence, they neglect the importance of taking first aid classes which can teach them how to prevent and manage these diseases. Here are some of the reasons why taking Kelowna first aid classes for heart diseases and Diabetes are still important for residents.

People with normal BMI can still be at risk

People with normal BMI can still be at risk

A normal body does not guarantee normal laboratory results

Contrary to common belief, having a normal BMI or body mass index is not a guarantee that you are not at risk for heart diseases. This is because people with normal BMI can still have high cholesterol and sodium levels in their bodies which puts them at risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. People who have normal BMI but are exposed to the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases such as those who constantly eat foods that are high in cholesterol and salt as well as those who smoke can still acquire these diseases.

A normal body may not be a fat-free body

Having a normal BMI does not guarantee that the body is free from fat as well. Recent studies show that fat can be stored around organs or around muscles in which they are visible to the naked eye and can only be detected by advanced laboratory diagnostics. This is more common in people who are naturally thin since their genetic makeup causes their body to automatically store fat within organs including the heart and liver which increases their chances of developing a form or type of Diabetes. This means that a person with a normal BMI may already be exposed to the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes without even knowing it.

What can first aid classes do?

By taking Kelowna first aid classes, residents will learn how to manage the symptoms and complications of Diabetes and heart problems before their actual diagnosis. Considering that all residents including those with normal BMI are at risk for these problems, taking first aid classes ahead of time allows them to amply prepare for these types of medical problems. It will also allow them to take care of friends and loved ones who are already suffering from these diseases.


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