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What is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is part of a group of psychiatric conditions that involve excessive anxiety. This group is otherwise known as anxiety disorders. Although anxiety can be helpful in some situations such as during examinations wherein it pushes one to be better, pathologic anxiety that is excessive can often time be be disabling. This can […]

The Signs and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Although schizophrenia means “split mind”, it does not mean, and is often a misnomer, that the person has a split personality. Instead, it is a psychotic disorder that is considered to be the most severe as it primarily affects how the person think, feels and acts. Thus, their perception of reality tends to be distorted […]

Swimmer’s Itch: Symptoms and First Aid

Swimmer’s itch pertains to a skin rash brought about by an allergic reaction from microscopic parasites entering the body. The parasites come from infection snails that are commonly found in fresh water but may also be found in salt water. Swimmer’s itch is more common during the summer months. It cannot be transmitted from one […]

What is a bone tumor?

In the medical field, tumors are described as growths or lumps of tissue that develop once the cells divide in an uncontrollable manner. Bone tumors can cause the weakening of the bones around them as they grow in size. It is important to note that these tumors can either be benign or malignant and can […]

Sinus Headaches

Sinus Headaches

Sinusitis causes sinus headaches; it is a condition which causes the membrane lining the sinuses in our bodies to become inflamed or swollen. Sinus headaches are hard to diagnose because of their similarities with other types of headaches. In fact, a lot of times patients misinterpret the signs of different types of headaches to be […]