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Why do I have eczema after eating fish?

If an individual eats fish and develops blister-like rashes that weep and crusts over, he/she is experiencing an allergic reaction to fish. It is estimated that fish allergies affects millions of individuals all over the world. A distinctive symptom of allergy to fish is the manifestation of eczema along with other skin rashes after eating […]

Brachioradial pruritus

Pruritus basically refers to an unpleasant sensation that triggers the urge to scratch which is commonly called as itching. The itching can be localized to a certain part of the body or generalized. Once there is a rash that occurs along with pruritus, the cause is usually determined and easily treated. On the other hand, […]


Those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring and summer season either camping or hiking, you might have heard about chiggers. If you have not encountered chiggers before, they are capable of leaving behind annoying itchy, red-colored bumps. Important facts about chiggers Chiggers are also called as red bugs or harvest mites. […]

Poison ivy rash

Poison ivy rash is medically called as Rhus dermatitis which is a form of contact dermatitis. As the name implies, contact dermatitis involves skin irritation after contact with a specific irritant. When it comes to exposure to poison ivy, the irritant is called urushiol which is the resin present in plants in the Anarcardiaceae family. […]

What is skin cancer?

Individuals who engage in outdoor sports spend a lot of time exposed to the sun. Excessive exposure to the sun can damage the skin in various ways. Initially, it attacks the epidermis which is the outermost skin layer. After some time, it damages the upper layers of the dermis which makes it thinner, less resilient […]

Treatment of skin abrasions

Skin abrasions or road rash are common during sports that are typically caused by falling on a hard rough surface. As an individual falls or slides on the ground, friction causes the skin layer to rub off. The skin is comprised of an exterior layer which provides protection and the deeper interior layer which provides […]

Skin allergy: Skin rashes

The appearance of bumps, redness, itchiness and other skin conditions are quite common every now and then and their cause might not be easily determined. As for rashes, they can be triggered by various things including plants, food as well as an allergic reaction to a medication or an illness. It is important to note […]

Simple remedies for poison sumac

Poison sumac is known to trigger a rash if an individual who is highly sensitive to it is exposed, especially while outdoors during camping or hiking. The plant releases urushiol oil which is a substance present in the leaves, stems and fruit once they are damaged. Some individuals do not react once exposed to urushiol […]