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Overview on urethral injuries

Most cases of urethral injuries affect men where the usual causes include straddle injuries and pelvic fractures. The urethra might also be wounded inadvertently during surgical procedures straight on the urethra or in procedures where instruments are directed into the urethra. Occasionally, urethral injuries result from gunshot wounds. In rare instances, urethral injuries can be […]

Whipworm infection

A whipworm infection or trichuriasis is an infection affecting the large intestines caused by Trichuris trichiura. The parasite is commonly called as whipworm since it appears similar to a whip. This infection can develop after ingesting dirt or water soiled with feces that contain whipworm parasites. Any individual who came in contact with contaminated feces […]

What is overhydration?

Overhydration which occurs due to excessive intake of water is considered as a dangerous condition. It can disrupt the balance between water and sodium in the blood. Intake of increased fluids helps the body regulate the body temperature, flush out waste products, prevent constipation and perform other vital functions. In most cases, especially those who […]

Treatment for emphysema

Emphysema is included in a group of lung conditions categorized as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The usual cause of emphysema is cigarette smoking but there are also other risk factors such as air pollution, secondhand smoke or occupational exposure that can play a part in its development. In this condition, the alveoli or air […]

Am I allergic to IV dye?

IV dye or radiocontrast media has been utilized for various radiological studies such as CAT scans, angiograms and intravenous pyelograms. Generally, there are 2 forms of IV dye utilized for most radiological testing – ionic high-osmolality contrast media (HOCM) and the non-ionic low-osmolality contrast media (LOCM). It is important to note that LOCM has been […]