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Close look on acoustic trauma

Acoustic trauma involves injury to the inner ear that is often due to exposure to a high-decibel noise. The injury can be linked to a single loud noise or exposure to a noise at a lower decibel over an extended period of time. Certain head injuries can cause acoustic trauma if the eardrum is ruptured […]

Close look on ear wax blockage

Ear wax blockage can progress into a serious problem that can affect hearing or results to an ear infection. It is still not clear why the blockage occurs but some individuals seem to overly produce ear wax. Normally, the ear canal has a “self-cleaning” mechanism but there are circumstances when the ear might become clogged […]

Soothing an ear infection

It is important to note that an ear infection is usually triggered by a virus which affects the area right behind the eardrum which is commonly referred to as the middle ear. Ear infections are quite common among children but even adults can also suffer from pain and pressure of an ear infection as well. […]

Foreign body in the ear

A foreign body in the ear is considered as a common problem, especially among toddlers. In most cases, items are lodged in the ear canal which is the small channel that ends at the eardrum. Due to the sensitive nature of the ear canal, you can easily determine if there is something present in your […]