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How to manage hormonal headaches

The hormones in women can play a vital role in triggering headaches. Specifically, the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones can affect the headache-related chemicals present in the brain. As a result, women often experience “hormonal headaches” before or during the menstruation period and at other times where hormonal fluctuation occurs. Luckily, hormonal headaches can […]

Can legumes cause allergies?

Food allergies include reactions to dairy products, nuts, wheat, soy, shellfish or fish. Legumes include all peanut and soy allergies including lentils, beans and licorice products. It is important to note that these allergies are difficult to manage since various foods contain soy or peanut oil or manufactured on equipment that also processed soy or […]

Allergy to pine sap

An individual who is allergic to pine pollen can end up with runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing episodes and blocked sinuses during the spring season. As for pine sap allergy, it can flare-up in any time of the year. It is important to note that the distillation process of eliminating turpentine oil from pine sap […]

Am I allergic to yogurt?

Millions of individuals all over the world have food allergies with reactions that range from swelling and vomiting or even death. It is important to note that there are 8 major food allergens which include tree nut, milk, fish, egg, peanut, wheat, soy and shellfish. Most cases of dairy allergies typically start and end during […]

Potential triggers of eczema

Eczema or dermatitis often develops in two major forms where both can cause symptoms that are based differently on the sensitivity of an individual to certain substances. The triggers for contact eczema include jewelry, cosmetic products and plants. As for atopic eczema, the symptoms are oftentimes linked with abrasives, food and airborne contaminants. Remember that […]

Close look on torticollis

If you have not heard about torticollis before, it is described as a musculoskeletal condition characterized by the contracture of the neck muscles. Essentially, torticollis is identifiable by the position in which the head twists to one side, causing it to tilt to the opposite side. The neck muscles affected by torticollis are moved outside […]

How to survive high heat

It is important to note that the body generates its own heat. The brain as well as other vital bodily organs should stay within a reasonably limited range of core body temperature to function optimally. The best way to maintain proper core body temperature is to regulate how much heat was lost or retained. Remember […]

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is considered as a prevalent condition which involves brief cessation of breathing while an individual is asleep. Millions of individuals around the globe suffer from this sleep condition. Being overweight is often the cause of sleep apnea, but anyone can develop this condition including children. Those who have sleep apnea stop breathing over […]

How to recover from a stomach infection

If an individual becomes ill due to a stomach infection, there are vital steps to be taken into consideration in order to increase the probability that he/she can experience a fast and full recovery.  Most individuals usually end up with a stomach infection at some point in their lives. Minor cases typically resolve without requiring […]