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What you need to know about the Tommy John surgery

The Tommy John surgery is used to repair an elbow ligament that is damaged. The procedure is commonly performed on athletes particularly the pitchers in baseball but it is also done on younger individuals. This surgical procedure is also called UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) reconstruction. During a Tommy John surgery, the surgeon replaces the damaged […]

Dislocation of the coccyx

Once the coccyx is dislocated, it can cause pain that is excruciating resulting to persistent discomfort that can disrupt daily activities. It is important that this injury must be properly diagnosed in order to determine the severity of the injury and the appropriate treatment to minimize the pain. Location of the coccyx The coccyx is […]

Rear-end accidents

The main causes of neck and cervical spinal injuries are whiplash. The injury is one of the most common injuries causes by rear-end accidents among vehicles on the road. Rear-end accidents are the most prevalent form of vehicular accident. It continues to increase due to the use of mobile phones while driving and distracting features […]

Finger splints

A finger splint is used to immobilize an injured finger after sustaining an injury. A splint can be utilized for a minor sprain or even a broken bone. Once the injured finger is immobilized, it will reduce the amount of stress placed on it which will also hasten the healing process. Finger splints can be […]

Nursemaid elbow

Nursemaid elbow is considered as a common injury among preschool children. In this condition, the normal arrangement of two of the three bones forming the joint is disrupted. Girls are considered more susceptible to the condition than boys and the left limb is commonly affected. The injury can occur accidentally while swinging a young child […]

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation

A shoulder dislocation occurs when there is abnormal separation in the shoulder joint. The shoulder is likened to a ball and socket joint, wherein the round top of the arm serves as the former and the groove in the shoulder blade serves as the latter. A partly dislocated shoulder means that only a part of […]

Broken elbow

Important Disclaimer: The information posted on this blog is for learning purposes only. To learn more about fractures and broken bones enrol in a workplace approved course (click here for details). To treat a broken elbow, follow these treatment steps: Treating a Broken Elbow 1. Reduce the swelling If a bone is protruding out, do […]