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Broken toe

A broken toe is a common injury that can occur in both children and adults. The injury can occur if a heavy object was dropped on the foot, stubbing the toes on hard surfaces or excessive bending. Indications Pop or snap at the time of injury Pain is worsened if the affected toe is touched […]

Buckle wrist fracture

A wrist fracture is considered as a prevalent injury among children. For a buckle wrist fracture, it is a specific form that only occur during childhood. Bone development in children The long forearm bones originate from the growth plates. These growth plates are uncalcified areas in which the bone manufacturing and support cells divide rapidly. […]

Cervical fracture

A cervical fracture occurs from high-impact trauma usually in falls or vehicular accidents. There are 7 bones in the neck which are called as the cervical vertebrae that support the head and link it to the shoulders and body. Any damage to the vertebrae can result to serious consequences since the spinal cord travels via […]

Hand fractures

Hand fractures can manifest in either the small bones (phalanges) of the fingers or the long bones (metacarpals). The injury can occur from a twisting event, crushing injury, falls or a direct blow in contact sports. What are the indications? The signs and symptoms of a hand fracture include the following: Tenderness Swelling Deformity Shortened […]

Acetabular fractures

Acetabular fractures involve a break in the socket region of the joint. This type of fracture is considered uncommon. Most cases are brought about by some form of high-impact event such as a vehicular collision. Oftentimes, there are other injuries that necessitate immediate treatment. Even a fall from standing can cause acetabular fractures among the […]

Slipped disc

A slipped disc occurs if one of the cartilage discs in the spine is impaired and compresses on the nerves which is marked by neck and back pain. Other symptoms that will manifest include: Numbness Tingling sensation Weakness in other parts of the body The sciatic nerve is often involved in most cases of slipped […]