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Finger fracture

A finger fracture can develop in various sizes and shapes. Most cases have simple treatment options while others require surgery. The injury should be correctly diagnosed so that the ideal treatment can be started. The fingers are responsible for fine, coordinated movements. Once they are damaged, it can cause a big impact on daily activities […]

Tibia fracture

A tibia fracture involves a break in the tibia bone. This elongated bone is susceptible to fractures. Once this injury occurs, it can be accompanied by tissue damage to the adjacent ligaments or muscles. If worried, a doctor should be consulted so that further assessment can be carried out. What are the indications? The usual […]

Ulna fracture

An ulna fracture is a prevalent condition defined by damage in one of the elongated forearm bones, specifically the ulna. During certain activities such as falls onto an extended hand, stress is placed on the ulna. Once this is traumatic in nature and go beyond than what the bone can endure, the ulna might break. […]

Overview on neck injuries

Neck injuries can range from minor to serious depending on the presence of damage to the spinal cord. The common types of neck injuries include strains, spasms, fractures and stingers. Generally, the usual causes of neck injuries include sports injuries, vehicular accidents and whiplash. Common forms of neck injuries Strains – this involves a tear […]

Femur fracture

A femur fracture is simply a broken thigh bone. The injury might be categorized as a stress fracture that arises gradually after some time from repeated strain or a traumatic injury from a direct blow or accident. Remember that it requires excessive force to damage the femur due to its durability. Due to this, a […]

Scapula fracture

A scapula fracture is an infrequent form of injury. It is considered rare since it only occurs during high-impact traumatic injuries such as falls from a height or vehicular accidents. Once a scapular fracture occurs, the doctor should carefully check for other injuries to the chest. Due to the high amount of force necessary to […]

Hip fractures

Hip fractures involves breaks or cracks in the upper part of the thigh bone near the hip joint. The injury usually occurs after a fall or sustaining damage to the side of the hip but might be occasionally caused by certain conditions such as cancer where the hip bone weakens. Falls are common among the […]