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Close look on copper poisoning

Copper poisoning occurs by accident or intentionally after ingesting products that contain copper. Take note that copper is a soft, reddish-orange metal naturally acquired from the earth. It is needed in trace amounts by the body for the functioning of the enzyme systems. Copper is also utilized in the manufacturing process of cables and wires, […]

Cockroach allergy: Am I allergic?

Cockroach allergy is a prevalent ailment that arises as an immune response after inhalation of cockroach debris or contact with dead parts and fecal matter. Cockroaches are considered as common insects found globally. Generally, they are household pests and can result to severe infestations if left uncontrolled. In warm countries, cockroaches are present all year. […]

Dealing with a surgical wound

A surgical wound is basically an incision in the skin by a scalpel during surgery. This type of wound is made during the placement of a drain. Generally, surgical wounds tend to vary in size. In most cases, they are sealed with sutures but oftentimes left open to recuperate. What are the types? A surgical […]

Close look on nickel allergy

Nickel allergy is a harmful immune response of the body that arises if exposed to any product that includes nickel. Nickel is a metal with a distinct silver color that is naturally present in the environment. It is also combined with other metals and utilized in creating various items such as: Coins Jewelry Keys Eyeglass […]

Corn allergy: Close look on the indications

Corn allergy arises once the immune system wrongly identifies corn or corn-related product as a threat. As a response of the body, it releases antibodies to neutralize the allergen. The immune system releases histamine and other chemicals which triggers the allergy symptoms. This type of allergy is considered uncommon. A reaction might arise if exposed […]

Neurogenic shock

Neurogenic shock is a dangerous condition brought about by erratic circulation of blood in the body. Damage to the spine can result to this disturbance. Remember that this condition is considered dangerous since it allows the blood pressure to drastically and abruptly drop and result to permanent damage to the body tissues. If not promptly […]

Common forms of wounds

Wounds can occur in various ways and vary in seriousness. Any wound involve damage to the tissues brought about by physical ways. In the medical field, skin wounds are categorized in various ways such as whether short or long term and if contaminated by bacteria. Close look on the common types of wounds Abrasion An […]

Split nails: How is it managed?

Split nails are a condition that develops if the nail bed is broken and separated. The nails might become breakable and lax. It provides the nails with an unattractive form and it is required to allow the nails to grow back to improve its appearance. While dealing with the root of the damaged nails, apply […]