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Can bananas trigger an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction to bananas is uncommon but can trigger dangerous symptoms. A doctor should be consulted if an individual is suspected to be highly sensitive to the fruit. Is it intolerance to bananas? Although an actual allergic reaction to bananas are considered rare, the body could not break down a certain chemical present in […]

Overview on pumpkin seed poisoning

Pumpkin seeds can cause certain effects that you should be familiar with. The seeds can be enjoyed as a roasted snack along with the nutritional benefits it provides. The seeds have also been utilized in traditional medicine for hundreds of years but must be taken in moderation. Although the seeds are known to provide several […]

Oysters: Do I have an allergy?

Oysters are shellfish that can be consumed raw or cooked. It is important to note though that millions of individuals all over the globe are allergic to seafood including oysters, lobsters or shrimps. Depending on the seriousness of the allergy to oysters, a variety of symptoms might manifest after ingestion of the food. Digestive symptoms […]

Can pistachio cause itchy hands?

Allergic reactions to pistachio generally arise early in life and lasts for a lifetime. Various reactions can occur that range from a minor rash or dangerous symptoms that necessitate medical care. It is important to note that pistachios are small-sized tree nuts that are part of the mango nut family along with cashews. Exposure to […]

Quadriceps pain

Quadriceps pain can put an individual out of track in sports. The quadriceps are a group of large-sized muscles positioned in the front part of the thigh and responsible for straightening the knee joint. Even though quadriceps pain is usually due to overuse or sports injuries, it might be an indication of a serious underlying […]

Child care: Dealing with bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes are common among children, usually reflecting inflammation of the eye surface. This results to dilation of the small surface blood vessels and the appearance of bloodshot eyes. Even though this symptom appears alarming, the underlying cause is not often serious. The usual causes among children include allergies, infections and exposure to irritants. A […]

What are the indications of eye flashes?

Eye flashes is a form of visual disturbance that arises if the vitreous gel inside the eye liquefies and moves away from the retina. The condition can arise naturally and called as posterior vitreous detachment. It is important to note that the retina receives the light signals entering the eye and converting into nerve impulses. […]