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Bronchiectasis: What are the signs?

Bronchiectasis is a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) characterized by unusual widening of the airways in the lungs. The condition is often brought about by chronic infections in childhood. Once the airways are enlarged, excess mucus accumulates in these widened sections, resulting to an infection. Obstruction of the airway also arises due to […]


An osteophyte is a smooth bony growth. It grows steadily over time and does not trigger any symptoms. It can trigger pain if it impinges on other structures or grow large enough to limit joint movement. It often forms in the joints that show signs of deterioration. An osteophyte is often linked with osteoarthritis. How […]


Diarrhea is a common ailment that affects individuals at some point in life. If diarrhea occurs, the stools are watery or loose. In most instances when diarrhea arises, multiple episodes occur in a day, but the frequency is not necessarily a determining factor. What are the causes? There are various possible causes for diarrhea such […]

Overview on turf toe

Turf toe is a sore injury at the center of the big toe that affects athletes playing baseball, football or soccer. The condition involves damage once the individual strongly strikes the toe into the floor or flexes the toe backward beyond its usual limits. The injury typically occurs on playing fields of grass or artificial […]

What is cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a common form of infection affecting the skin. The infection typically spreads from the skin surface and moves deeper. It spreads beneath the epidermis and into the dermis and the subcutaneous fat. The infection results to swelling of the skin, redness, warmth at the site, pain and possibly fever. Cellulitis often affects the […]

Rheumatoid lung disease

Rheumatoid lung disease is linked with rheumatoid arthritis. Among those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, almost half have some abnormal lung function. Some might develop rheumatoid lung disease. What are the indications? Generally, the arthritis symptoms include joint swelling, joint pain, stiffness and formation of nodules. Other signs linked with rheumatoid lung disease include: Cough Shortness […]

Puncture wound injury

A puncture wound can be shallow or deep. The treatment for the wound is based on its seriousness as well as the size and object responsible. In addition, the treatment is also based on whether the object is still left in the body or removed. Any object that protrudes out of the skin is called […]

Eczema: How is it managed

Eczema is defined by patches of skin that are dry, itchy, hard, scaly, reddened and possibly blistered. Generally, the condition involves skin inflammation that does not have a cure, but there are treatment options available. Treatment of eczema If an individual has a severe case of eczema due to excessive itchiness and scratching, medications are […]

Chigger bites

A chigger is the larvae of harvest mites or Trombiculidae. They are closely linked to arachnids and mites. Chigger bites are likely to occur on thin skin. It is important to note that chiggers are miniature in size, thus the individual is not likely to see them. How to recognize chigger bites Chigger bites are […]