Arthritis: How to deal with lumbar pain

Chronic lumbar pain from arthritis can be relieved with both medical and self-care measures. Dealing with the pain caused by arthritis involves controlling the inflammation and the accompanying stiffness and swelling.

Measures to manage lumbar pain

  • The individual should rest in bed for up to 2 days to alleviate the inflammation. It is recommended to curl up on a firm mattress or lie in a reclining position with the knees supported. This helps relieve the pressure off the lower spine.

    The individual should rest in bed for up to 2 days to alleviate the inflammation.

  • Use the medications prescribed by the doctor. Pain medications along with muscle relaxants for the back can make the individual feel more comfortable during the healing period. For relief from the lumbar pain caused by arthritis, the doctor usually prescribes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • The individual should avoid lifting heavy objects or engage in activities that can lead to further damage or strain to the back. The individual should consult the doctor for suitable activities to engage in.
  • The recommended exercises should be performed by the individual. Gentle stretching can help relieve the stress and pressure in the lower back. Strength-training exercises establish support to the spine by improving abdominal strength as well as general muscular fitness. Additionally, aerobic exercise helps improve lung and heart health as well as increasing endurance for the spinal muscles.
  • Make the necessary changes to the posture. Sitting up and standing straight helps keep the spine in proper alignment. Once the body tilts or slumps forwards in a chair during desk work, the back muscles can end up strained and the spine becomes misaligned.