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What is palmar fasciitis?

Palmar fasciitis is an uncommon inflammatory condition defined by irregularities of the fingers due to the thickening of the palmar fascia of the hand. It is important to note that the fascia is a sheet covering the muscles and tendons of the hand. If an individual has palmar fasciitis, the sheet becomes thick which makes […]

Baking powder overdose

Baking powder is a mix of sodium bicarbonate and an acid which can be sodium aluminum sulfate or monocalcium phosphate. It is non-toxic ingredient that is widely used in baking and cooking. An overdose can occur by accident or intentional intake of large amounts of baking powder. What are the indications? The usual indications of […]

Close look on copper poisoning

Copper poisoning occurs by accident or intentionally after ingesting products that contain copper. Take note that copper is a soft, reddish-orange metal naturally acquired from the earth. It is needed in trace amounts by the body for the functioning of the enzyme systems. Copper is also utilized in the manufacturing process of cables and wires, […]

Poison sumac poisoning

Poison sumac poisoning might occur by accident via direct exposure to the leaves or other parts of the plant. The wild plant can grow up to 20 feet tall with the distinctive bright red colored stem that includes 5-13 pointed leaves. The plant contains urushiol which is a potent, allergenic oil on its leaves. The […]

Acute gastritis

Acute gastritis is defined by irritation and inflammation in the stomach leading to erosion of the stomach lining. The condition is caused by a variety of factors such as bacterial or viral infection, using aspirin and other NSAIDs and even cancer. The inflammation arises abruptly and trigger digestive issues. Remember that individuals of all ages […]

Middle East respiratory syndrome

Middle East respiratory syndrome is a respiratory condition caused by the MERS-coronavirus. It is important to note that the coronaviruses are known to trigger sinus, nasal and upper throat infections and most are not considered dangerous. Nevertheless, the Middle East respiratory syndrome is a life-threatening condition that can be fatal. It is believed that the […]

Close look on babesiosis

Babesiosis is an uncommon and serious tick-borne ailment brought about by a parasite. An infection can trigger symptoms strikingly resembling malaria including nausea, muscle aches and spleen enlargement. Remember that an infection might be deadly among individuals with a compromised immune system or those who had the spleen removed. Risk factors Being exposed to infected […]

Chronic urticaria

Chronic urticaria is an inflammatory skin condition that results to formation of wheals and/or angioedema. The skin condition is considered chronic if it lasts more than 6 weeks. The condition can be instigated by various factors including certain drugs, bacterial infections, autoimmune conditions and physical exposure to certain substances. Any part of the body can […]