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Tungsten allergy

Tungsten is a metallic component taken from scheelite or wolframite ores. It has the highest melting point of any metal and quite strong. It is ideal as a high-temperature structural material. It is utilized as one of the metals in various alloys or mixtures of metals such as tungsten-nickel and tungsten-carbide. These and other alloys […]

Clothing allergy: What are the signs?

Clothing allergy is considered as a common form of injury. A reaction is typically triggered by the glues, textile dyes, chemical additives and formaldehyde finishing resins present in the fabric. An allergic reaction generally results to a form of skin inflammation called as allergic contact dermatitis. A doctor should be consulted if the individual ends […]

Am I allergic to down pillows?

The usual indications of an allergy to down pillows is strikingly the same as hay fever. In most cases, breathing issues and itchiness arises if the individual ingests the allergens in down and other bird feathers. Take note that the bird products deteriorate after some time until the miniature particles turn airborne which can be […]

How to deal with salmon allergy

Fish allergy including salmon allergy can trigger various reactions. It is important to note that salmon is considered as a highly allergenic fish species. Salmon allergy might be an indication of sensitivity to other types of fish and shellfish. Due to this, the individual is usually instructed to avoid eating all types of fish and […]

Am I allergic to gum?

It is possible that some variety of gums might trigger an allergic reaction due to its various ingredients. An individual might be allergic to the syrups, sugars and gum bases that are used in the product. Additionally, those that are used in food such as guar or xantham are derived from glucose which makes them […]

Can allergies cause itchy gums?

Itchy gums are an indication of a minor allergic reaction. Due to the non-specific immune response of the body to certain allergens, itchy gums can develop from allergies to animals, food, medications or from the contact and seasonal forms. Even though oral contact with an allergen is not needed, consuming raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, […]