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Overview on pumpkin seed poisoning

Pumpkin seeds can cause certain effects that you should be familiar with. The seeds can be enjoyed as a roasted snack along with the nutritional benefits it provides. The seeds have also been utilized in traditional medicine for hundreds of years but must be taken in moderation. Although the seeds are known to provide several […]

Oysters: Do I have an allergy?

Oysters are shellfish that can be consumed raw or cooked. It is important to note though that millions of individuals all over the globe are allergic to seafood including oysters, lobsters or shrimps. Depending on the seriousness of the allergy to oysters, a variety of symptoms might manifest after ingestion of the food. Digestive symptoms […]

Can pistachio cause itchy hands?

Allergic reactions to pistachio generally arise early in life and lasts for a lifetime. Various reactions can occur that range from a minor rash or dangerous symptoms that necessitate medical care. It is important to note that pistachios are small-sized tree nuts that are part of the mango nut family along with cashews. Exposure to […]

Paint allergy: Am I at risk?

Paint allergy usually arises after inhaling the strong vapors or skin exposure. An allergic response is generally the overreaction of the immune system to an unknown substance or particle. Those with allergies can utilize preventive and therapeutic measures to treat an allergic reaction to paint products. Close look on allergies The allergens are foreign substances […]

Potential side effects of nuts

Nuts provides various health benefits but has their share of side effects usually allergic reactions. Peanuts are commonly known to trigger food allergies among young children and can trigger allergic reactions among adults and older children. Allergies can trigger symptoms that range from annoying to dangerous. Various processed foods that include nuts and certain foods […]

Close look on probiotic overdose

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which aids the immune system and improve overall health. Even though using probiotic supplements poses no risk for overdose, it might cause some harmful side effects that you should be familiar with. Before probiotics are used, a doctor should be seen to ensure that they are safe and right dosage is […]

Champagne: Am I allergic?

An allergic reaction to champagne is oftentimes an allergy to alcohol or any component such as yeast, grapes or wheat. A usual root of a reaction is sodium metabisulfite which is a chemical utilized to preserve alcohol. If an individual is also highly sensitive to vinegar, dried fruit or pickled onions, the source of the […]