Archive | November, 2017

Common forms of wounds

Wounds can occur in various ways and vary in seriousness. Any wound involve damage to the tissues brought about by physical ways. In the medical field, skin wounds are categorized in various ways such as whether short or long term and if contaminated by bacteria. Close look on the common types of wounds Abrasion An […]

Split nails: How is it managed?

Split nails are a condition that develops if the nail bed is broken and separated. The nails might become breakable and lax. It provides the nails with an unattractive form and it is required to allow the nails to grow back to improve its appearance. While dealing with the root of the damaged nails, apply […]

Augmentin: What are the allergy symptoms?

Individuals with  a bacterial infection of the skin, ear, lungs, sinuses or urinary tract can be treated with Augmentin. This is a prescribed drug that contains 2 active components – amoxicillin and clauvulanate potassium. Those who are highly sensitive to any form of cephalosporin antibiotics or penicillin must not use this drug due to the […]

Can pomegranate juice trigger an allergy?

Pomegranate might trigger a reaction among highly sensitive individuals. Any symptoms that might arise should be assessed by the doctor. It is important to note that not all reactions that arise after drinking the juice are associated to an allergy. The individual might have a different underlying ailment responsible for the symptoms. Is it contact […]

Can bananas trigger an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction to bananas is uncommon but can trigger dangerous symptoms. A doctor should be consulted if an individual is suspected to be highly sensitive to the fruit. Is it intolerance to bananas? Although an actual allergic reaction to bananas are considered rare, the body could not break down a certain chemical present in […]