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Can greasy foods cause indigestion?

Indigestion is a sore condition that occurs after finishing a meal. It shares similar indications with heartburn including a painful or burning sensation in the stomach. It can also cause an uncomfortable full sensation that oftentimes lead to nausea or bloating. While indigestion does not necessarily indicate a serious ailment, it can be prevented by […]

Close look on over-the-counter treatment for tendinitis

Tendinitis develops if a tendon is irritated or inflamed. While it can affect any tendon, it typically affects the elbow, shoulder, wrist, knee, ankle and thumb. The over-the-counter treatment options such as heat and cold therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and various forms of tendon support can lessen the swelling and pain at the tendon so that […]

Close look on a deep heel bruise

A deep heel bruise occurs from the deterioration of the microscopic calcium fibers. These fibers are essentially interlinked to allow the formation of bones. If a region of the fibers is impaired, a deep heel bruise forms. The injury develops once the outermost layer of the heel bone endures miniature breaks. Take note that these […]

Am I allergic to oleanders?

Oleanders are known as prevalent plants mainly in warm and coastal climates. Even though it is a great addition to any garden, it should be handled with care since it can trigger allergic reactions. Phytodermatitis Phytodermatitis is an allergic response to the skin after exposure to the plant. It triggers symptoms such as skin rashes […]

Raw honey: What are the potential side effects?

Raw honey is not pasteurized where the pollen and spores within the honey are still present. This honey has been utilized in traditional medicine throughout the years since it is believed to cure various ailments. On the other hand, there are significant side effects such as allergic reactions, food poisoning and even intoxication. Food poisoning […]

Am I allergic to peach?

Peach allergy might be an actual food allergy or arises due to birch pollen allergy. When it comes to a true food allergy, it is an allergic reaction to the fruit where the body identifies it as an allergen. As for birch-pollen allergy, an allergic reaction arises since the protein of the fruit strikingly resembles […]