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Close look on gout

Gout is a condition due to the accumulation of uric acid in the joint or tissues. This most often affects the joint of the big toe. The episodes are triggered by the buildup of crystallized uric acid inside the joint. It is important to note that uric acid is already present in the blood and […]

Close look on chickenpox

Varicella or chickenpox is a common infectious disease among children. Luckily, with the availability of vaccination, a child is given one to prevent the disease. Children who have not acquired chickenpox or received vaccination must be given a shot by age 13. Take note that once a child had the condition, he/she is immune. The […]

Overview on trichinosis

Trichinosis is a food-borne ailment brought about by consumption of raw or poorly cooked meats especially pork products infested by larvae of the trichinella spiralis worm. Anyone is prone to acquire the disease regardless of health status or age. The usual causes of trichinosis include the following: Consumption of raw or poorly cooked pork dishes […]

Close look on reactive arthritis

Reactive arthritis is a non-infectious swelling of one or multiple joints in the body. The condition might be self-limited or settles on its own, chronic or relapsing. It sometimes arises after an infection of the genitourinary or digestive system. There might be other non-joint characteristics such as genital tract, eye, skin or bowel inflammation. The […]

What is phantom limb pain?

Phantom limb pain can be experienced in the site where a limb has been severed. This can range from minor to intense. In some instances, the pain can be debilitating and result to lasting struggle with chronic pain. It is important to note that the phantom limb sensations generally settle or reduce over time. Once […]