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What is vasomotor rhinitis?

Vasomotor rhinitis or non-allergic rhinitis used to describe a runny nose and/or congestion. This is not triggered by infections or allergies such as the common cold. Millions of individuals all over the world suffer from vasomotor rhinitis. Indications of vasomotor rhinitis Runny nose accompanied by drainage that is watery and clear Nasal obstruction Congestion or […]

Close look on ear wax blockage

Ear wax blockage can progress into a serious problem that can affect hearing or results to an ear infection. It is still not clear why the blockage occurs but some individuals seem to overly produce ear wax. Normally, the ear canal has a “self-cleaning” mechanism but there are circumstances when the ear might become clogged […]

Am I allergic to IV dye?

IV dye or radiocontrast media has been utilized for various radiological studies such as CAT scans, angiograms and intravenous pyelograms. Generally, there are 2 forms of IV dye utilized for most radiological testing – ionic high-osmolality contrast media (HOCM) and the non-ionic low-osmolality contrast media (LOCM). It is important to note that LOCM has been […]

Blood thinners: Bleeding and other possible complications

Blood thinners are medications that have been proven to minimize the risk for stroke. These medications are required for many individuals but they are also capable of causing complications. Bruising Among those who are using blood thinners, they might notice a bruise below the skin after sustaining a minor bump. The body easily bleeds when […]

What are the indications of a frozen shoulder?

A frozen shoulder is a usual cause of shoulder discomfort and pain. Essentially, the condition is a prevalent cause of shoulder pain but hard to diagnose. Many individuals with the condition are wrongly diagnosed as having bursitis. The difference between frozen shoulder and bursitis can be confusing, but careful assessment by the doctor can pinpoint […]