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What are gel injections for knee joint pain?

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from osteoarthritis which usually affects the weight bearing joints. The knee joint is one of the joints that are commonly affected by osteoarthritis. It is important to note that osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease develops over time once the cartilage lining the weight bearing surfaces of the joint starts to […]

Potential causes of knee flexion pain

It is important to note that knee pain is a usual reason why many consult their doctors. The knee is the biggest weight-bearing joint and endures significant strain when an individual runs, walks or play sports. The knee has essential actions such as flexion and extension or bending and straightening. In addition, the knee is […]

How to prevent softball injuries

Softball injuries among young athletes are on the rise and occur almost as frequently as baseball injuries. The only difference is that they generally cause less time lost to practice or competition. These softball injuries typically involve the shoulder, back, wrist, forearm and hand. The pitchers are not more prone to injury than the position […]

Golf injuries

Even though golf appears as a simple game to play by striking a stationary object using a golf club into a wide open space, you have to think again. The best way to become proficient with the sport is to start young and consistently practice. Golf is considered as a low-risk sport when it comes […]

What are the causes of cervical vertigo?

The brain depends on sensory input from the inner ears, eyes and specialized nerve endings in and around the joints to provide information regarding movement and spatial orientation. Any disruption in any of these symptoms can interfere with normal balance and positioning. Even though vertigo is most often linked to a condition affecting the vestibular […]