Archive | October, 2015

Acceleration-deceleration injuries

An acceleration-deceleration injury is also known by many as whiplash. It is important to note that acceleration-deceleration injuries are usually the outcome of closed head injuries and vehicular accidents are the primary cause of traumatic brain injury. These injuries can be mild where most individuals can recover from the headache while a severe case can […]

How to care for an adult with fever

Fever is a condition that affects both children and adults. This involves an increase in the body temperature higher than 100.4 degrees F. It is considered as a response of the body to an underlying health condition, usually bacterial or viral infections. Managing the underlying condition can put an end to the fever. Common causes […]

Can crunches cause cramping?

The muscle cramps that occur due to exercise are not a clearly understood occurrence. Dietary habits, dehydration and fatigue are considered as contributing factors to the cramping. Keeping the muscles motionless in a single position for extended periods can also contribute to the cramping. The abdominal muscles are also susceptible to this since they are […]

Why do I have back and shoulder pain?

The left back and shoulder region covers various structures that can trigger pain including the shoulder joint, shoulder blade, ribs and several tendons, muscles, nerves and ligaments. The pain in the left back and posterior shoulder can also be produced by injuries such as muscle strains and joint sprains. The pain in this region might […]

What to do for biceps tendon tears from boxing?

Sports that require repetitive, strong movements can lead to injuries in the tendons and muscles. Boxing is a sport that requires speed and strength where both hone the muscles and tendons to perform at their full potential. The soft tissues in the shoulders and arms are placed under constant pressure, often resulting to tears and […]