Archive | August, 2015

Ideal medications for mold allergies

Some individuals end up with mold allergy due to seasonal outdoor fungi or indoor mold. When it comes to outdoor mold, they thrive on rotting leaves while the indoor mold thrives well in moist areas, letting go allergenic fungal spores once they reproduce. The symptoms of both types of mold allergies are the same such […]

Usual symptoms of flu

The flu is a highly contagious condition caused by the influenza virus. The usual symptoms of the flu are strikingly similar to other conditions. This is why it is recommended to consult a doctor for proper assessment with the help of a flu test for proper diagnosis. If an individual acquires the flu, the doctor […]

Can bed bugs cause skin rashes?

Even though bed bugs could not be prevented from biting at night time, a cluster of bed bugs can deliver bites in the form of itchy skin rashes or individually and often hard to differentiate from any other type of insect bites. Bed bugs have been a problematic issue in various countries all over the […]

Do I have measles?

Even though measles is already considered as a rare disease in most developed countries, it is still prevalent in several developing countries all over the globe. Measles is a highly transmittable viral infection that spreads when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. Individuals who have measles are considered contagious once they develop a fever until […]

Fever levels among children

Fever has always been a common health issue that affects both children and adults. Once the body temperature of a child reaches up to 100.4 degrees F, he/she has fever. Always bear in mind that fever is how the body eliminates the infection. A low level fever might only persist for a number of days […]