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What are the types of delayed-reaction allergies?

The allergic reaction occurs once the immune system generates antibodies against a particular allergen present in the body. Once the individual encounters the allergen in the future, the immunoglobulin E antibodies instructs the white blood cells to produce histamine which is responsible for triggering the symptoms of an allergic reaction such as wheezing, rashes and […]

Indications of nut allergy

Nut allergy typically occurs once the body identifies nut as a threat to the body and triggers the immune response in order to eliminate it from the body. Always bear in mind that nut allergy is one of the most prevalent types of food allergies and can be triggered by the ingestion of any variety […]

Can I get rashes from flax oil?

Developing rashes right after contact with flax oil can indicate an allergic reaction. If an individual develops the usual allergy symptoms after ingesting flax oil, a doctor must be consulted for further assessment. Even though most cases of allergic reactions to flax oil can range from mild to moderate, there is a possibility that the […]

Can beer cause diarrhea?

Beer will not cause diarrhea among health adults. There are certain ingredients present in beer that can trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals that result to diarrhea. Hops, barley and yeast might be responsible why some suffer individuals are suffering from allergic reactions to beer. It is important to note that beer is made […]

What are the foods to avoid if I have atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a skin condition that causes the formation of itchy, fluid-filled bumps and scales on the skin. This skin issue affects infants and often resolves during childhood or young adulthood. Aside from maintaining proper skin hygiene, avoiding the possible triggers and irritants such as strong soaps, eating a healthy diet and […]

Why do I have itchy skin from chlorine?

The compounds that contain chlorine work by keeping hot tubs and swimming pools sanitary, but exposure to the chemical process has some health risks that you should be familiar with. Minimal exposure of the skin to chlorine can cause eye irritation and itchy skin. As for concentrated levels, it can cause ulcerations and severe burns. […]