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Causes of abdominal cramps while running

Abdominal cramps have been considered as a common complaint of many runners. Many runners experience abdominal cramps while training or during competition. It is important to understand the causes as well as ways to prevent methods for different kinds of muscle cramps so that those who love to run can train and race without suffering […]

What are the causes of fallen arches?

Fallen arches or flat feet have various causes. An individual has fallen arches if the normal arch in the central part of the foot is not properly curved. An individual can have this condition without any other symptoms. Nevertheless, fallen arches can often lead to foot pain, fatigue and other serious conditions. In case the […]

Cold therapy for the management of gout

Gout is considered as a form of arthritis that develops once there is excess uric acid build-up in the body, resulting to the formation of crystals in the joints and leading to the inflammation of the joints. As a result of the inflammation, cold therapy is a very useful mode of treatment for gout. In […]

Management of tennis elbow at home

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is considered as a prevalent injury especially in some sports that is instigated by overuse or stress of the muscles that surround the affected elbow. Take note that tennis elbow can improve on its own in a span of six months up to two years, but symptoms such as diminished […]