Archive | October, 2014

Causes of cardiac ischemia

The inadequate oxygen and blood supply to the heart can cause the cardiac muscles to eventually die and develop areas of necrotic tissue. Whether small or large, these areas of ischemia will compromise the cardiac functioning and reduce the systemic perfusion. Over time, the heart will weaken to a point in which it could no […]

Be prepared to handle a seizure

Seizures are best described as the uncontrollable bodily movements that can be instigated by abnormal electrical activity inside the brain. The indications of a seizure tend to vary depending on the part of brain that is affected. Tonic or grand mal seizures manifest with convulsions accompanied by muscle jerking and loss of┬áconsciousness. An individual experiencing […]

Treatment for a tanning bed burn

It is important to note that burns caused by a tanning bed and exposure to the UV rays of the sun have strikingly similar symptoms and treatment options, a tanning bed burn tends to occur with minimal exposure. This is due to the fact that the ultraviolet light within a tanning bed is highly concentrated. […]

How to manage second degree sunburn at home

Any scenario in which an individual is exposed to the sun can result to the manifestation of symptoms such as blistering, reddened skin, swelling and severe pain. Once these indications occur, it simply indicates that the first two layers of the skin sustained sunburn and the individual has a second degree burn. Even though this […]