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What are the symptoms of arsenic poisoning?

Arsenic poisoning is considered one of the severe types of poisoning throughout the years. In some cases, an individual developed a health problem after consumption of large amounts of water that contains arsenic or has a long-standing exposure to the material. Most of those who suffered from the condition were due to intentional poisoning. Always […]

Home remedy for sea lice

If you have not heard about sea lice before, they are the small-sized larvae of jellyfish. They also have the similar make-up just like with the adult jellyfish and stinging ability. Sea lice are tiny and can easily get trapped between a swimming gear and the skin or in the crevices of the body, resulting […]

Assisting a distressed swimmer

On a yearly basis, many die from accidental drowning either at swimming pools or at the beach. It is important to note that these individuals are not just children or weak swimmers but also experienced swimmers who became distressed from hypothermia, fatigue, injury or intoxication. The individual might slow down while in the water, become […]

Sugar overdose symptoms

Sugar is considered as one of the most common food items in pantry shelves and refrigerators. It is available in various forms that range from simple carbohydrates such as white table sugar or as complex carbohydrates in whole grains. The body requires small amounts of sugar on a daily basis in order to function properly, […]

Protection against dust allergy

It cannot be denied that dust allergy is difficult to handle since dust could not be completely eliminated from the air. On the other hand, there are ways in order to clean and control the environment in order to prevent triggering an allergic reaction to dust as well as minimizing the severity of the symptoms. […]

Allergies to orchard grass

Orchard grass is considered one of the varieties of grass that can trigger an allergic reaction. Individuals who are allergic to the pollen of orchard grass will develop an adverse reaction to the pollen present in the air. An allergic reaction can vary depending on the season and region. In most cases, those who are […]