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What is a bone tumor?

In the medical field, tumors are described as growths or lumps of tissue that develop once the cells divide in an uncontrollable manner. Bone tumors can cause the weakening of the bones around them as they grow in size. It is important to note that these tumors can either be benign or malignant and can […]

What are rib fractures?

The ribs are considered vital since they have an important role to play. These structures not only provide protection the heart, but also hold the lungs in place. Even though it would require a forceful blow to damage these sturdy bones, fractures are likely to occur. If you suspect that an individual sustained rib fractures, […]

Treating a broken fibula

The fibula is best described as a small-sized bone located on the outside part of the ankle. Once the ankle is twisted or sustains a direct blow, the fibula is likely to break. A broken ankle can cause pain, tenderness, bruising, deformity and inability to support weight. The management of a broken fibula or fibula […]

Purposes of stretchers

Always bear in mind that any device that is utilized to lift and transfer an individual are categorized as stretchers. These stretchers help medical and rescue professionals while transporting sick or injured individuals or transferring equipment to the individual quickly. Once an individual is secured to a stretcher, he/she will be lifted and transferred without […]

Classifications of ankle fractures

Ankle fractures are categorized in two methods – Lauge-Hansen classification and Danis-Weber system. The Danis-Weber basically provides simple explanations based on the radiographic evidence utilizing the position of the fracture in relation to the ankle joint. As for the Lauge-Hansen, it centers on the position of the foot and its motion in respect to the […]

Indications of a brain hemorrhage

A brain hemorrhage is considered as a life-threatening and even a deadly condition and would require immediate medical care in any healthcare facility. There are various causes of this condition including head injuries, arteriovenous malformation and aneurysm. Always remember that the condition can go unnoticed at first in most cases. Nevertheless, once the bleeding occurs, […]