Archive | June, 2014

How to care for superficial gunshot wounds

A superficial gunshot wound can cause a lot of pain but are not generally life-threatening as long as it is quickly and properly treated. The treatment for gunshot wounds that are superficial in nature can be performed by taking into consideration certain steps. Always make sure that wounds must be treated right away at the […]

Performing CPR on a drowning infant

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) involves chest compression and rescue breathing. It is commonly performed on individuals who are not breathing or has no heartbeat. CPR is required in cases of cardiac arrest, accidents such as drowning and respiratory failure. It helps keep the blood circulating to the vital organs. Additionally, it also helps deliver oxygen to […]

Treatment for an electrical burn

It is a known fact that electricity has always been part of our lives. It provides power to almost all the appliances that we use on a daily basis. Even though it is a very useful force, it can also be dangerous. Always bear in mind that electricity can also go through the body and […]

What are the dangers when using ice packs?

The application of ice packs to certain injuries can help minimize the pain and swelling in order to hasten the healing process. Nevertheless, using an ice pack incorrectly will only worsen the injuries as well as causing serious health issues. Before you are going to apply an ice pack to an injury, it is vital […]

Treating acid burns

One of the accidents that commonly occur at home usually involves acid spills. There are different forms of acids that are present in household cleaners such as battery acid and bleach. Most cases of acid burns are minor but there are also rare cases in which death occurred due to acid burns. Burns typically occur […]

Chemical burn

Chemical burns usually occur at home or in the workplace due to accident or negligence. Even though only a few actually die after contact with chemicals at home, many substances present can cause harm. Most cases of chemical burns typically occur through misusing certain products especially those used for the skin, hair and nails. Although […]