Archive | April, 2014

What is the Heimlich maneuver?

The Heimlich maneuver is basically a series of under-the-diaphragm thrusts to the abdomen. This maneuver is specifically designed to help a choking individual by removing the foreign object that is blocking the airway, thus allowing him/her to breathe. Take note that the abdominal thrusts must be strong enough to lift the abdomen, forcing air from […]

What you need to know about heel spurs

Standing or walking can be painful if the individual has a heel spur. The heel bone is considered as the biggest bone in the feet and basically absorbs most of the pressure and shock. There are first aid measures that you can provide at home to help out with the pain and inflammation that are […]

Create your own emergency survival kit

An emergency survival kit is important in case of natural calamities or any emergency situation. A properly made kit should include all the essential supplies and equipment required in any emergency scenario. With your own kit, it will provide you with peace of mind that you are fully prepared during any natural disaster, power shortage […]

Finger splints

A finger splint is used to immobilize an injured finger after sustaining an injury. A splint can be utilized for a minor sprain or even a broken bone. Once the injured finger is immobilized, it will reduce the amount of stress placed on it which will also hasten the healing process. Finger splints can be […]

Cardiac tamponade

Cardiac tamponade is considered as a serious medical condition where the blood or fluids fill up the space in between the sac that encloses the heart and the heart muscle, causing extreme pressure on the heart. The pressure produced prevents that ventricles of the heart from fully expanding and prevents it from functioning properly. Once […]

How to deal with hiccups

Hiccups are best described as abrupt, involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle. Once the muscle contracts in a repeated manner, the opening between the vocal cords close to check the flow of air and the hiccup sound is produced. The irritation of the nerves that extends from the neck up to the chest can result […]