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Moist heat for pain relief

It is a known fact that pain can be triggered by various causes such as injuries, muscle spasm, arthritis, trauma or even certain diseases. Even sports-related injuries can cause injuries that would require moist heat for pain relief. There are different modes of treatment for pain such as over-the-counter medications. The best way to promote […]

Treatment for a pulled thigh muscle

The thigh muscles are comprised of three sets of muscles including the hamstrings, quadriceps and adductor muscles. They are known to be the strongest muscles in the body. A pulled thigh muscle occurs once the muscle fibers are slightly torn. These muscles can be torn since they are used in various activities such as running […]

How to handle a calf muscle injury

A calf injury can be due to a muscle strain. The calf muscle is comprised of two different muscles – gastrocnemius and soleus muscle. The gastrocnemius is located above the knee and runs beneath the knee joints. As for the soleus muscle, it is situated beneath the gastrocnemius muscle and smaller in size. In case […]

Hand numbness

Hand numbness can be due to various causes that range from nerve damage to poor ergonomics. Majority of the nerves in the hand runs from arm to hand and to the fingers. Any damage to the nerves can indicate a serious illness or injury that must be assessed by a doctor, especially when the numbness […]

Signs and symptoms of brain trauma

Once any trauma occurs to the brain, the overall function can be disrupted. The types of mental disruption tend to vary ranging from issues with the memory and attention, affecting the capability of the individual to perform daily tasks and decision making. The signs and symptoms of brain trauma usually depend on the area of […]

Symptoms of food poisoning

Food poisoning has affected millions of individuals every year with cases that range from mild to life-threatening. Food poisoning is typically caused by eating food that has been contaminated with viruses, bacteria and harmful chemicals. If you are able to quickly and accurately recognize the symptoms of food poisoning, you can perform the appropriate first […]

Signs and symptoms of tetanus

Tetanus is a condition that affects the nervous system and has the potential to be lethal, but it can be prevented through immunization. The most common is generalized tetanus but it can be localized, affecting only a part of the body where the infected entered. In most cases, the infection can spread all over the […]

How to apply a tulle gras finger dressing

Wounds come in various sizes and shapes, thus each entails specific treatment and bandaging to guarantee proper healing and avoid infection. The tulle gras finger dressing initially started in France which is a type of bandaging in which a soft paraffin fabric is used together with olive oil and Peruvian balsam to prevent the fabric […]

Different types of compression bandages

Bandages are basically used to cover a wound or injury. The regular bandages are commonly utilized for open wounds while the compression bandages mainly provide the appropriate pressure to the affected area. Today, there are different types of compression bandages available in the market and each have a specific function that you should be familiar […]

How to bind a wound

Wounds usually include injuries that require stitches and sutures as part of the medical care. As for large-sized wounds from injuries that are gaping or deep, it would require immediate medical attention. Nevertheless, minor cuts or abrasions are not serious and you can easily care for them at home with first aid measures. It is […]