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Nursemaid elbow

Nursemaid elbow is considered as a common injury among preschool children. In this condition, the normal arrangement of two of the three bones forming the joint is disrupted. Girls are considered more susceptible to the condition than boys and the left limb is commonly affected. The injury can occur accidentally while swinging a young child […]

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a procedure that is performed during an emergency when the heart stops with the main objective of extending the lung functionality and circulation. Importance of CPR Even though there are several advancements in emergency cardiac care that helped improve the chances of survival among individuals who suffered from cardiac arrest, […]

Bleeding in the eye

Any blunt trauma or blow to the eye can cause bleeding in the front of the eye between the iris and cornea. This bleeding into the anterior chamber of the eye is known as hyphema.  The anterior chamber of the eye is comprised of a clear liquid fluid called the aqueous humor. It provides the […]

Foreign body in the ear

A foreign body in the ear is considered as a common problem, especially among toddlers. In most cases, items are lodged in the ear canal which is the small channel that ends at the eardrum. Due to the sensitive nature of the ear canal, you can easily determine if there is something present in your […]

Exercise-induced asthma

Asthma is basically a chronic inflammation of the breathing passages of the lungs. The condition is characterized by the abrupt attacks or periods of severe symptoms that are separated by periods of mild symptoms or there are no symptoms at all. The reaction is triggered by external factors or specific scenarios. Exercise is one of […]

What is ipecac and how does it work?

In every first aid kit or medicine cabinet, ipecac is often recommended. If you are wondering what it is and how it works, it is important to find out what ipecac is all about. ipecac is basically a medicine that was created from the roots of a plant known as ipecacuanha that natural grows in […]

First aid for tonic-clonic seizure

There are different types of seizures and each has its own specific symptoms. In a tonic-clonic seizure, all of the nerve circuits in the brain are overloaded at the same time. Generally, the individual can suffer from convulsions and eventually lose consciousness. In simple terms, the muscles all over the body have spasms due to […]

How to perform a first aid assessment

Once you are required to perform first aid measures to an individual having a medical emergency, it is vital to gather as much information as part of a first aid assessment so that it can relayed to the healthcare professionals. This is essential so that they can provide appropriate medical care. First aid assessment When […]

First aid for a severed toe or finger

In emergency rooms, individuals who have severed toes or fingers are commonly treated. Always remember that this is considered as a serious injury and if bleeding is not controlled, it can be fatal. With the appropriate first aid measures and timely response, the severed digit can be reattached if the individual is taken directly to […]